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  9. Jasart Aqua Brush Pen, Set 3
Jasart Aqua Brush Pen, Set 3

Jasart Aqua Brush Pen, Set 3

Description and specs

About the Item
•The Jasart Aqua Brush is a refillable multipurpose brush available in Round & Flat.
•Fill with water to blend or with inks to create watercolour effects.
•Light weight & portable- eliminates the need to carry water bottles.
•Soft white synthetic bristles
•Removable cap prevents excess water leakage and protects the brush when not in use
•Click close pen lid ensures an airtight closure
•Pocket clip on lid
•Hexagon handle for easy grip. This also avoids the pen rolling away when not in use
•Clear barrel will show true colour if ink added
•LengthxWidthxHeight (234mmx60mmx130mm)
•Weight: 255g

Delivery and returns
Flat rate shipping fee of $9.95. Allow 2-8 days for delivery depending on location.

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