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Resistance Power Band
Resistance Power Band
Resistance Power Band
Resistance Power Band
Resistance Power Band
Resistance Power Band
Resistance Power Band
Resistance Power Band

Resistance Power Band

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Description and specs

Sculpt, tone and strengthen your body core with our Hacienda gym set range.

Build up muscle and strength alongside an extra boost with these variable-resistance power bands. With different colours and band heights for different resistance levels, finding the perfect band for the targeted exercise is simple. The green band resists 5-15kgs, 13-27kgs for blue, 18-36kgs for yellow, 22-57kgs for red and 40-80kgs for black. The green band is 1.3cm in height, 2.2cm for blue, 3.2cm for yellow, 4.5cm for red and 6.4cm for black. Each band works muscles neglected in most workouts, allowing for a full body toning.

Perfect for yoga, pilates, strength training and much more, these resistance power bands are suitable for a home-based gym or even a gym on-the-go. Strengthen the legs, chest, arms, back, hips, glutes and abs easily with the ultra-thick .45cm bands and durable latex rubber material. Withstand intense daily exercise with the anti-snap, anti-slip, improved-comfort, non-toxic, odour-free, wear-resistant bands that will not lose elasticity and stretch out.

The lighter bands are perfect for beginners and occasional trainers, the medium bands are for moderate and advanced use and the heavy bands have the maximum level of resistance for high-level training including squats, deadlifting and bench presses. Furthermore, the lighter bands are perfect for agility training, muscle toning, rehabilitation therapy and pull-up assistance. The medium bands are made for mobility and agility training, banded squats and lower-body sculpting including the glutes, quads and calves. The heavy bands can help assist with pull-ups for beginners or for challenging the experienced trainers and professional athletes, as well as the ever-so-popular resistance running.

These power bands measure 208-centimetres in circumference each, ideal for versatile workouts ranging from light to intense. Pick up one, a couple or all variable-resistance power bands, each formulated for specific exercises and results.


  • Resistance Power Band, different colours and band heights for different resistance levels
  • Colours:
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Black
  • Resistance: 5-15kgs green, 13-27kgs blue, 18-36kgs yellow, 22-57kgs red, 40-80kgs black
  • Material: Latex Rubber
  • Bands Length: 208cm circumference
  • Bands Width: .45cm
  • Bands Height: 1.3cm green, 2.2cm blue, 3.2cm yellow, 4.5cm red, 6.4cm black
  • Bands Weight: 100g green, 150g blue, 250g yellow, 340g red, 550g black


  • 1 x power band
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