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Remote Control Waterproof Amphibious Car (Black) - For All Terrains

Save $20.00
By land or by sea – the only limitations are your imagination with our waterproof Remote Control Amphibious Car. Destroy all boundaries with a country-crossing truck that can race other Remote Control Amphibious Cars at 9 km/h up to 30 metres in RC distance. Its sturdy alloy shell, powerful shocks and advanced manufacturing ensures your mini-truck is ready to roll across rock, sand, dirt, snow, ice, grass, gravel, mud and water landscapes. Our 1:14 scale amphibious car has a full range of motion – with a multi-directional movement capacity that lets you roll back and forward, and left and right towards your next destination. Choose from a sleek black or vibrant red colour to suit your travels, with a rechargeable battery that can keep you running up to 20 minutes at a time. The remote-control function of this car encourages development of all-important motor skills, while placing the creativity in your child's hands – where custom tracks, new terrains and exciting journeys await. Shred through high mountains and run through deep waters – this powerful Remote Control Amphibious Car is ready and set to let you go on your next expedition, no matter where it takes you. Features: 4WD alloy ride crawler Amphibious Powerful shocks Waterproof 4-channel remote Left/right/forward/backward Trimmer for alignment 1:14 ratio model scale 4.8v / 500mAh rechargeable battery 2.4G remote control Terrains: Rock, sand, dirt, snow, ice, grass, gravel, mud, water Speed: 9 km/h RC Distance: Up to 30 metres Charge Time: 5-6 hours full charge Play Time: 20 minutes Ages: 8+ yrs Colour: Black or Red Measurements: 29cm x 19cm x 16.5cm Weight: 1.1kgs Inclusions: 1 x rc car 1 x charging cable 1 x battery pack 1 x remote 1 x instruction manual
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