Duck Feather Topper 1800gsm
Duck Feather Topper 1800gsm
Duck Feather Topper 1800gsm
Duck Feather Topper 1800gsm

Duck Feather Topper 1800gsm

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They say we sleep for a third of our lives – so we want to keep that space as warm and cosy as possible.

Our premium Duck Feather Toppers provide a fortress for your ‘night kingdom’. The 1800gsm weight is perfect to lay upon and keep warm during those cool winter nights.

Each mattress topper places quality comfort and blissful relaxation first, made from innovative soft-touch, pure duck feather and duck down inner material. Its soft-white colour, microfibre outer material is cover-ready for any single, double, queen or king size-fit straight from your linen cupboard.

When it’s time for a refresh, simply toss the mattress topper into your washing machine on wool cycle for a simple clean. These mattress toppers can also be placed into the tumble dryer on medium heat for fast and convenient drying. Once dry, easily re-fluff and re-cover for use again.

Enjoy a fresh, revitalising sleep – longer, with our luxurious 1800gsm Duck Feather Toppers.

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