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  9. Vacuum Sealer Bags for Fresher Food (20cm) 2-Pack of Rolls
Vacuum Sealer Bags for Fresher Food (20cm) 2-Pack of Rolls

Vacuum Sealer Bags for Fresher Food (20cm) 2-Pack of Rolls

Description and specs

Seal in freshness and flavour quickly and with efficiency, with our Vacuum Sealer Bags 20cm compatible with the Healthy Choice Vacuum Sealer Sealing Machine and other food saver brands.
This 2-pack of rolls measures at 20cm wide by 600cm long per roll, perfect for sealing and storing many food items. The .25mm thickness of the bag rolls makes a strong bond and a perfect seal every time. These rolls can be cut to any customisable size with your vacuum sealer, so the food preservation options are endless.
Perfect for bulk-buying foods, meal preparation and portion control, you can fully enjoy all-natural foods while eliminating chemical preservation. Food savers also reduce waste by preserving foods for longer, rather than chucking out spoiled foods into the bin each week. The vacuum sealing technique prevents bacterial growth, mould and freezer burn. Seal in marinating sauces, herbs and spices for sensational flavour to ramp up your next home-cooked meal. Vacuum sealed bags are also perfect for sous vide cooking.
Feeling crafty? Fill the vacuum sealing bag two thirds full of water, seal and freeze for an easy ice pack. The vacuum sealing bags can be washed, dried and reused again.
Enjoy the medium bag width of 20 centimetres on each roll, perfect for sealing meats, seafoods and much more. The Vacuum Sealer Bags 20cm rolls are made with BPA-free material, so you can enjoy healthy, hearty meals with an ease of mind.

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