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Two Tier Microwave Steamer

Planning meals used to be fun at first. But when the days seem to grow longer when work has you staying later and later, dinner seems to fall to the wayside each night. It's easier to buy a frozen TV dinner from the grocery store than it is to dirty up pans and dishes when you're already exhausted to begin with. But everyone knows that those frozen pre-packaged meals aren't as healthy as freshly cooked, hot home-made meals, and it's the truth. What are you supposed to do? Microwave your meals! (Isn't that what we just told you wasn't that great for you?) You read that right! Microwave your meals with this Two Tier Microwave Steamer! (oh, I see what you did there.) Steaming food is a safe alternative to cooking over an open flame or in the oven. Plus when you steam your food you preserve the nutrients, proteins, and vitamins in the food instead of letting the good stuff get cooked up in the frying pan or baking pan. This steamer has two tiers so you can cook two separate dishes at the same time! The Chinese have been using this method for hundreds of years when they prepare Dim Sum, and it's a fast and healthy way to cook your food. Take back dinner with this Two Tier Microwave Steamer and give yourself and your family they hot meals they need and deserve.
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