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  9. Asobu Yo 2 Go Flip
Asobu Yo 2 Go Flip
Asobu Yo 2 Go Flip
Asobu Yo 2 Go Flip
Asobu Yo 2 Go Flip
Asobu Yo 2 Go Flip
Asobu Yo 2 Go Flip
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Asobu Yo 2 Go Flip

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Description and specs

Yoghurt is a great snack choice for kids and adults too! Pre-made yoghurt and fruit snacks are wonderful, but can get pricey to buy on a regular basis, so why not make your own at home with the Asobu Flip 'n Go? This handy snack container has two lidded compartments; the larger one is for plain yoghurt (which you can buy in bulk to save even more money!) and the smaller side is for any kind of topping you can dream of! When you're ready to eat, simply open the lid and flip the small side over into the yoghurt for a tasty treat!

Health-conscious yoghurt consumers can fill the small side with fruit, berries or nuts, but if you want you could also add some chocolate or sweets to make it more appealing to kids or older snackers with a sweet tooth! It's a very handy container for anyone who needs to eat gluten-free or has food sensitivities that make them steer clear of commercially available fruit yoghurts due to the artificial flavours and colours.

The Flip n' Go has a 20 ounce capacity and comes with a convenient built-in spoon, so you'll always know where your spoon is! It is available in your choice of teal or lime colours through this listing. Order several so you'll have spares because your whole family is going to be begging you for yummy yoghurt snacks to take to school or work in a Flip 'n Pour!

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