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Black Spud Gun
Black Spud Gun
Black Spud Gun
Black Spud Gun

Black Spud Gun

Description and specs

Prepare to battle or practice your aim with the classic spud gun toy! This classic toy is back for a new generation to enjoy - all you need is a potato (not included for obvious reasons!)!

The black metal die cast spud gun is very easy to use and reload. Just stick the nozzle of the spud gun into a potato to make a "spud pellet" that can be shot at the included target or at another player. Not to be confused with a potato cannon, the spud gun works by creating a small buildup of air pressure which shoots the pellet at a low velocity so it's safe for kids to play with.

If you run out of potatoes to use with your spud gun, it easily converts into a water pistol with the attached water nozzle! So you get double the fun in one toy!

This potato pistol looks quite realistic in black if you're looking for a cool, but harmless gun toy for the kids in the family.

The Spud Gun is an awesome nostalgia toy! It was invented during the Great Depression in America, but became more popular after the war so grandparents are probably familiar with this toy from their own childhood and will be thrilled to make new memories with their grandkids and this spud gun toy!

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