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Wake and Bake Coffee Mug
Wake and Bake Coffee Mug
Wake and Bake Coffee Mug
Wake and Bake Coffee Mug
Wake and Bake Coffee Mug
Wake and Bake Coffee Mug

Wake and Bake Coffee Mug

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Description and specs

If the a.m. part of the day is just not your thing, here's a unique product that might help ease the pain of early morning rising! It's a functional coffee mug (or tea cup) with a built in water pipe! Before you start thinking ""ewww"", don't worry, the two features of this sensational mug are completely separate so your precious liquid caffeine infusion will not mix with your equally precious tobacco!

The ""Wake and Bake"" It's a completely awesome way to ""kill two birds with one stone"" as they say and will allow you to save time in getting those essential chemicals into the bloodstream so you can feel more like your usual self and start your day with the right kind of attitude!

The cheerful green novelty mug will hold 8 oz of life affirming caffeinated beverage. It features a tongue in cheek ""Wake and Bake Coffee Co."" logo with a steaming cup of coffee. The pipe part of the cup is sealed off from the coffee section so your coffee will not get contaminated with smoke and your smoke will not get contaminated with coffee, but you can still enjoy them both at the same time!

This is a tobacco product and may not be sold to people under the age of 18, but feel free to order one for your favourite smoker age 18 and up! The fun smoking gift will be a big hit for a birthday or Christmas.

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