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  9. Insulated Cover for 36L Brass Monkey Portable Fridge

Insulated Cover for 36L Brass Monkey Portable Fridge

Save $20.00
Improve the performance of your portable fridge with this insulated fridge cover. Designed with mesh panels for compressor ventillation plus access panels for handles and lid. - SUITS GH1640 Features: Grey Heavy duty insulated cover Pockets to store cables and power supply Clear panel allowing easy view of LCD and temperature controls Tie down points on each corner allows for secure mounting of cover Vents enabling air circulation allowing the compressor to cool down during operation Provides protection and insulation, leading to efficiency and longevity Designed for Brass Monkey 36 litre fridges Note: May also suit other brands such as Primus(R), Stirling(R), and Spinifex(R). Visit any of our retail stores to see if it suits your existing fridge.
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