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Avanti Caffe 8pc Twin Wall Glass Set

in Tableware sold by LatestBuy
Save $14.00
If you're tired of drinking your hot beverages out of the same old everyday teacup or mug and you'd like to add a little style and flair to your afternoon coffee break or morning joe, why not change things up a bit with Australian designed Avanti Caffe 8 pc Twin Wall Glass Set? I sense your interest. Let me tell you more. Made of quality crystal clear borosilicate glass--which is finer yet stronger than regular glass and won't cloud over time--the thermally efficient twin wall construction of these Avanti glasses provides superior insulation guaranteeing a comfortable grip when drinks are piping hot, preventing outer surface condensation when drinks are chilled, and maintaining hot and cold temperatures for the duration of your drinking pleasure--so no more grabbing an extra ice cube to refresh that cool drink or running to the microwave every ten minutes for a reheat. Both functional and sophisticated, this 8 pc set makes an elegant addition to any beverage service and a great housewarming present for newlyweds or graduates moving into the first apartments.
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