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  9. 2.4A Car Charger with 3 in 1 Charging Cable, White

2.4A Car Charger with 3 in 1 Charging Cable, White

The car charger by Laser comes with 3 separate charging point types, i.e. a micro-USB, lightning-fast USB Type C and a 9-pin charging point.It allows you to charge your devices while you are driving towards a destination. It can help you charge a whole range of devices, including phones, tabs, headphones, power banks and more. The elegant white colour fits the compact and minimalist design of the cable perfectly. The charging cable is 0.5-metre long and offers you enough length to charge any device in the car irrespective of the seat location.The charger comes with a 2.4 Amp output that offers fast charging to your digital devices.Key Highlights: 3 in 1 Car charger by Laser 2.4 A output for fast charge Types of charging points supported: Micro-USB, USB Type C and 9 pin charging point Colour: White Charging cable length: 0.5 metre
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