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Laser Disc Stylus Pen Suitable for All Screens

Let Laser Disc Head Stylus Pen change the way you interface with digital touch screens. Expect the best of both worlds with dual heads - one is a regular stylus and the other a disc head stylus.Say goodbye to greasy smudges that your fingers often leave on the touch screen with the regular stylus head. Tap or write directly on the capacitive screen without worrying about palm interference or pressure sensitivity issues. Compatibility comes by default with the stylus working across all tablets and phones, E- readers, and other capacitive touch screen devices. Feel free to use it on public touch screen machines to avoid infections.  Point, swipe, sign, and draw on your devices with the disc head stylus, and rest assured of a fine user experience. Whether you are a student, professional, or business leader, taking notes is easy, quick, and efficient. Just take out your smartphone or tablet, and start jotting down those graphs, charts, equations or anything else that needs writing. The head comes with a transparent contact disk, allowing you to see what you write or draw.  The small footprint also makes it convenient to carry to office, meetings, classrooms, and elsewhere in your pocket, bags, or laptop sleeves. It’s sturdy and durable, thanks to superior construction and top-grade materials. The stunning silver color together with a sleek profile complements your personal style, making you stand out.Features:Dual Heads - One is a regular stylus and the other a disc head stylusWorks with Capacitive Touch screens across devicesIdeal for all screen sizes, big or smallSlim Profile, lightweight, sturdy, and durableStunning silver color for fine aesthetics
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