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Travel Adaptor for use in USA, China, Japan to convert from AU Plug

With the Laser International Travel Adaptor, you can move across different countries, including the USA, China, Japan and more, without facing any connectivity problem. This international travel adapter is perfect to charge your laptops, mobile phones, camera charges or anything else that is dual voltage compatible.Using this travel adapter, you can easily convert your Australian and New Zealand plugs into standard plugs in other countries. Plus, it provides effortless compatibility to electronic devices during your international trips. However, you need to remember that this adaptor does not convert voltage. So, you need to check the voltage supply before plugging it in for charging your various electronic devices.Key Features:  Converts 2 pin USA, China, Japan adaptor into UK 3 Pin plug  Lightweight and compact  Simple to use and easy to pack  It is an ideal solution for your charging needs during any international trip Check appliance compatibility with local voltage before inserting the plug  
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