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  7. Victorinox 10cm Pocket Scissors | 8.0961.10
Victorinox 10cm Pocket Scissors | 8.0961.10

Victorinox 10cm Pocket Scissors | 8.0961.10

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Description and specs


The Victorinox Pocket Scissors is ideal for craft projects or everyday use, it designed with shorter, straight-edged blades that are rounded at the tip for safe carrying. Used to cut cleanly and crisply through everyday materials, it formed of stainless steel and fitted with handles in a synthetic material that's been realized in simple black and innovated to truly last the distance.


  • Perfect for general cutting jobs and sized for the pocket
  • Scissors with exceptional functionality
  • With sharp stainless steel blades and handles formed of a black synthetic material

Length: 10 cm

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