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Electric Mattress Topper

in Blankets sold by Kingtex
Save $244.63
Highlights 10 Step heat setting Time control with 10-hour auto-shut off Overheat Protection With manually adjustable temperature that suits individual needs The automatic adjustable control will heat up on high for the first hour then adjust itself down to a comfortable level 2 Year Warranty   Size: Single: 91*193*40cm, 1 Controller King Single: 107*203*40cm, 1 Controller Double: 137*193*40cm, 2 Controllers Queen: 152*203*40cm, 2 Controllers King: 182*203*40cm, 2 Controllers   IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS RETAIN FOR FUTURE USE Your electric mattress topper should be placed directly onto the mattress with the power lead near the edge of the pillow. If use a mattress protector this goes over the electric topper.  Ensure that the electric mattress topper is one to suit your mattress.  Attach the topper to the mattress to keep it flat and avoid unnecessary wear by crumpling. Then make the bed in your usual manner. Its size is such as to give even, all over warmth for the remainder of the bed surface. The topper should not be tucked in at the sides.  When securely attached to the mattress, connect the plug to the power point and switch on. The flexible cord and switch must be kept outside the bed and away from open windows or exposure to moisture.  It is recommended that the cord switch is set to either position “2” or “3” for 1 to 2 hours before going to bed and then can be turned down to setting “1” or off altogether depending on your own requirements whilst in bed. KEEP YOUR BLANKET FULLY SPREAD OUT WHEN SWITCH ON.
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