Russell Hobbs RHK172 Electric Brooklyn 1.7L Cordless Glass Water Kettle Copper

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The Brooklyn Glass Kettle continues to be embrace copper elements in kitchen trends, so complement your current design with the tasteful blue illumination that lights up the Brooklyn Glass Kettle during boiling. Blue Internal Illumination The stunning blue internal illumination makes your kettle standout with every boil. Designed to not only be striking, this illumination also indicates when your kettle is on and boiling.  360¬∞ Degree Base with Cord Storage Easily place your kettle down from any angle with the 360¬∞ degree base and its cord storage lets you keep your kettles cord neatly stored away.  Premium Glass Housing Allows you to clearly see how much water you are putting into the kettle meaning you can accurately gage the water level and have a clear visual on boiling status Premium glass finish with copper stainless steel accents Push to open lid 1.7 litre capacity  Concealed element for easy cleaning Removable filter BPA Free Cord storage    1850-2200 W AU/NZ Plug 220-240 V Item Dimensions Approx: 20.0 x 12.0 x 24.0 cm   Includes: 1x Russell Hobbs RHK172 Brooklyn Glass Kettle Copper Accents
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