8L Digital Air Fryer Electric 1800W Non Stick w/Rack Less Oil Fries Cooking BLK

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It is a beautiful summer’s day – the kids are running around the backyard, the sun is beaming down on their excited faces until you hear that all-too-familiar sound: ‘Mum! Dad! I’m hungry!’. You imagine throwing some frozen goodies into a magical machine, crisping and cooking them in minutes, ready to eat right away. It’s time to stop dreaming. Our state-of-the-art multifunctional air fryer uses advanced ‘turbo air’ technology, mimicking what oil does to food when frying. Simply add your ingredients into its massive, family size 8 litre capacity and wait as the air fryer circulates, ‘superheated’ air up to 200 degrees Celsius for a maximum time of 60 minutes. Enjoy eight convenient pre-set touch-control cooking programs including chips, chicken, prawn, cake, steak, fish, ribs and keep warm. The keep warm pre-set program has a temperature range of 60 – 90°C and a time range of 1 – 120 minutes to provide you with the most options to cook your meals, your way. This 8L Digital Air Fryer is easy to control – simply set the timer, set the temperature and walk away. Eliminating the extra cooking oil allows the family to enjoy healthy meals. Let the air fryer be your chef for the evening and enjoy the healthy, tasty results. Features Non-stick detachable drawer and basket insert easy-to-use digital touch controls 8 pre-set cooking programs temperature and time controls dishwasher safe parts Colour: Black Power: 1800 Watts Temperature Range: 80 - 200°C Time Range: 1 – 60 minutes Keep Warm Temperature Range: 60 – 90°C Keep Warm Time Range: 1 – 120 minutes Capacity: 8L / 2.5kgs of chips Measurements: 32cm x 41cm x 36cm Weight: 5.2kgs Includes: 1 x Air Fryer 1 x Rack
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