Healthy Choice 5 Rack Digital Food Dehydrator/Dryer/Preserver w/2 Power Level

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This Basic Food Dehydrator allows you to prepare and dehydrate a variety of foods with just two simple touch buttons, so you can enjoy the ease of food dehydrating at home. Perfect for food dehydrating beginners, this ‘converge-flow’ drying system eliminates tray rotation, while ensuring the heated air is circulated through all compartments for consistent, even drying across all levels. Experience anything from delicious banana chips, all-natural fruit roll-ups and authentic beef jerky, with our dehydrator’s standard 5-tray layering. This food dehydrator can stack up to ten tray levels, perfect for making larger portion dehydrated snacks. Additional food dehydrator trays are available for purchase. The opaque, ‘vita-save’ exterior will assist in blocking excess light from entry into the unit, preventing the destruction of the food’s all-important nutrient content. Whether you’re growing your own, or market-hopping, our Basic Food Dehydrator will remove all water content from your fresh ingredients, presenting you with an array of healthy-eating options without sacrificing on taste or nutritional value. Save space in the cupboard and extend the shelf-life of your delicious, nutritious snacks. Food dehydrating at home, simplified– for food dehydrator beginners to transform one day’s produce, to tomorrow’s perfect backpacking snack. Features: Fan to ensure even circulation, converge-flow drying system, opaque ‘vita-save’ exterior, expandable 10-tray capacity, power level indicator, two touch buttons simple operation  Power: 2 power level settings – 150W / 300W  Measurements: 26cm x 20cm x 27.5cm  Weight: 1.8kgs  
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