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Laser 9V Qi Wireless Fast Charger Pad Charging Mat for Apple iPhone/Samsung

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Save your precious time and worry no more about messy cables getting in the way as Qi Wireless fast charging pad is the future of phone charging. Simply place your Qi compatible phone onto the pad. Qi Certified wireless chargers have been tested to verify that they not only work but are safe to use. Exclusively available in Telstra stores Australia wide. Qi Wireless Certified Qi-certified by WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) to support wireless charging on all Qi-enabled devices. If your product does not have certification it might not be safe. Fast Charging Fast charging offers Fast Charge enabled smartphones a power boost. Non-fast charge enabled Qi phones will charge at regular speed. * Light Indicator Check your compatible device’s battery level with ease using the charger’s LED indicators. While charging, the charger glows blue. When fully charged the light will switch off. Premium Metal & Leather Materials The Laser Premium Qi Wireless Charging pad is made from high-quality metal allow and Leather soft-touch padding. Sleek and discreet it is suitable for the home or office.
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