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  9. Stanley STHT77587-0 Stud Sensor/Locator/Detector S110 for Wood/Metal/AC Yellow

Stanley STHT77587-0 Stud Sensor/Locator/Detector S110 for Wood/Metal/AC Yellow

Stud Sensor S110 Features: Centre finder and centre marker for accurate centre wood and metal stud locating and marking every time Detects wood, metal and AC Detects wood and metal studs up to 19mm in depth Detects the presence of AC live wire within a 6-18?/15-45cm radius and up to 50mm depth Ideal for locating studs to enable tasks such as TV mounting, hanging pictures and shelves Auto calibration helps to avoid missed studs due to incorrect initial calibration Angle tolerance reduces error when used at an angle Directional LED light indicators for visual guidance to stud location Audible alert for clear notification of stud location Microthin sleek design allows for the stud sensor to be easily stored away or carried in a pocket Single-button for simple operation Runs off 2 x AAA batteries (included) Detection Depth: Wood 19mm Metal 19mm Live AC 50mm Size: L / W / H: 150 X 20 X 230mm
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