Genius Invictus X3 Bagless Cordless Cleaning Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Red 150W

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Genius Invictus X3 Vacuum Cleaner Red: The INVICTUS X3 is ready to go with one hand: just take it out of the wall bracket and get started - there is nothing standing in the way of the deep clean suction results. Usable everywhere, all floors, furniture, curtains, lamps as well as any interior and exterior areas can be cleaned thoroughly and gently. The bagless cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful DC motor and a lithium-ion battery that has a running time of up to 20 minutes. The motorised electric brush with 10,000 rpm ensures efficient deep cleaning: the specially developed bristles penetrate deeply and remove the dirt from the fabric - full power ensures that stubborn dirt and fine dust are sucked in completely. You can also use the INVICTUS X3 as a practical handheld vacuum cleaner! Cordless: Easy and fast vacuum cleaning without annoying cable changes Feathery light 1.5 kg for versatile applications with one hand Stands by itself – perfect for breaks during vacuuming and for space-saving storage Highly flexible brush head: For vacuuming under very low furniture Latest technology and power in one appliance AU/NZ Adapter 18V 150W ULL-102435 Approx Dimensions: Height: 123cm Length: 26cm Width: 22.5cm Weight: 4.39kg Genius Invictus X3 Vacuum Cleaner Red Set Includes: 1 x handheld device X3 1x Suction pipe 1x Dust Container      1x Cyclone filter 1x Post motor filter     1x Lithium-ion battery 1 x Motorised electric brush 1 x Universal brush roll 1 x Wall bracket 1 x Crevice Nozzle 1 x Charger
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