Bamix Classic Electric Blender Swilline Immersion Kitchen Stick 140W White Set

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Bamix Classic Immersion Stick Blender 140W White The famous Bamix reputation is built on its blenders' consistent show of efficiency and reliability that has been based on the company's decades-long guiding principle of making one product and making that product flawlessly. All Bamix blenders and accessories are still primarily hand-assembled in the original factory in Mettlen, Switzerland. The iconic original "Magic Wand ". The compact design makes this easy to clean, store, and operate so you can enjoy an uncomplicated cooking experience. Crafted to the highest manufacturing standards, Bamix is synonymous with premium Swiss quality so you know you can rely on this versatile kitchen companion. The Classic Stick Blender includes a multi-purpose blade to handle a variety of tasks. And the clean white finish makes this a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Key Features Included: 1x Blender, 1x Multi-purpose Blade Simple to use, two-button operation 140W heavy-duty AC motor Double insulation Soft-grip safety switch 2 speed setting: 12,000rpm and 17,000rpm For cleaning simply hold the cutter guard under hot running water Wipe blender clean with a damp cloth Colour: White Dimensions 37x28x13cm Includes 1x Blender 1x Multi Purpose Blade
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