3PK Sodapress Co. Organic Summer Orange Soda Low Sugar Mix Syrup Flavouring

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3PK of Sodapress Co. Organic Summer Orange Soda Mix Syrup 500ml They don’t make it like the old days, but we do. Organic Blackcurrants need to be picked just the right time to ensure our batches of this fabled classic delivers the ultimate in deep colour, full nose and rich taste. You just can’t miss this blackcurrant bliss. Flavour Notes: Rich and complex with a mild bitter-sweet finish. Enjoy The Classics New Sodapress Blackcurrant Bliss Soda Mix Boasts an Intense Burst of Berries. Contains 60% less sugar than leading brand, certified organic and no artificial ingredients. Ingredients Purified Water, Reconstituted Blackcurrant Juice (23%) , Organic Sugar, Organic Rice Syrup, Food Acid (Citric Acid), Natural Flavours. Dimensions Approx. 500ml Size(individual Bottle) Includes 3 x 500ml Bottles of Soda Press Co. Flavoured Syrup  
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