Healthy Choice Electric Convection Airfryer 23L 1700W Air Fryer Oven/Bake Black

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Whatever the occasion – the Healthy Choice 23L Convection Air Fryer Oven - Black has got you covered. Loaded with a baking tray, wire rack and panhandle, this innovative air fryer oven is packed and ready to make meals that will take your cooking to the next level (in just a fraction of the time). Watch as your food toasts, bakes, broils, roasts, defrosts or ‘air frys’ its way to perfection behind the secure, glass viewing window The built-in oven light helps you see the cooking progress without opening the air fryer oven door and letting the heat out Enjoy the convenience of three oven rack levels for the ultimate simultaneous cooking experience The simple temperature and cooking time selector dials offer easy operation of the appliance You can set the temperature between 90°C–230°C and the cooking time up to 60 minutes Features: Temperature And Cooking Time Selector Dials Transparent Viewing Window Oven Light 3 Layers Simultaneous Cooking Four Stainless Steel Heating Elements On The Top For Quick Meals Overheat Protection Accessories: Baking Tray, Wire Rack And Panhandle
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