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Kylie Disco - Black Vinyl Album

Kylie Disco - Black Vinyl Album

in Music sold by iWorld Online
Description and specs
The "DISCO" Vinyl Album by Kylie Minogue on black vinyl is a shimmering celebration of the iconic pop artist's return to the dancefloor. Packed with infectious tracks like "Say Something," "Magic," and "I Love It," Kylie's unmistakable energy and style shine through. The warm, authentic sound of vinyl enhances the album's vibrant production, delivering an immersive and nostalgic listening experience. A must-have for devoted fans and dance music enthusiasts alike, this black vinyl edition of "DISCO" is a chic addition to any music collection, embodying Kylie Minogue's enduring legacy in the realm of pop music. - LP - SIDE A: 1. Magic, 2. Miss A Thing, 3. Real Groove, 4. Monday Blues, 5. Supernova, 6. Say Something - LP - SIDE B: 1. Last Chance, 2. I Love It, 3. Where Does The DJ Go?, 4. Dance Floor Darling, 5. Unstoppable, 6. Celebrate You
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