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3 Club Golf Play Set

3 Club Golf Play Set

in Sports sold by ihartToys
Description and specs

This Golf Club Set is perfect for budding golfers and little kids! 

  • Teach kids hand eye coordination and motor skills as they learn to putt, play and golf with this all inclusive golf club set. 
  • This 3 Club Golf Club packs up neatly and easily for convenient storage or to take with you on the go.
  • Set includes a Practice Putting Holes, Flags, Balls and 3 Golf Clubs for children to perfect their swing and learn to hit the ball! 

Each Shaft Golf Club set includes:

  • 3 Kids Golf Clubs, including Driver, Iron & Putter
  • 2 Golf Balls 
  • 2 Holes and 2 Flags
  • Right-Handed

The perfect, all inclusive set for little kids and toddlers learning to golf! 

Recommended age 3+ years

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