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Tumble-O Board Game

Tumble-O Board Game

Description and specs

Tumble-O is a great family board game for kids and grown-ups to play together! 

  • Take turns skillfully removing the sticks one by one, but don't let the balls come crashing down or else you’ll lose. 
  • Suitable for 2-4 players. 
  • A barrel of laughs, guaranteed to entertain the family for hours on end. 
  • The perfect addition to your holiday house, weekend away or family board game stash!

Tumble-O Board Game set includes:

  • Large Cylinder Tube 
  • Assortment of Tumble-O Sticks in a variety of colours
  • Tumbling Balls

Enjoy hours of fun with this strategic, fun game of luck - Tumble-O. 
Recommended age 5+ years

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