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Toilet Fart Putty

Toilet Fart Putty

Description and specs

Fart! Phlarp! Squelch!
This Toilet Fart Putty Slime makes real life fart noises! 

  • Lift the lid, squeeze the putty and pop away!
  • Each Toilet Fart Putty set comes in a plastic toilet tub with fart putty and an ‘extra surprise’ inside. 
  • Squishing and squeezing the fart putty into the toy toilet container creates friction and against the suction produces a realistic farting noise when released! 
  • Trick your parents and classmates with this silly slime toy! 

Whoever smelt it dealt it! Play pranks on your family with this fun Toilet Fart Putty, the perfect novelty gift.

Recommended age 3+ years Sold individually - 1x Toilet Putty will be sent

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