Ring Toss and Dominoes Bundle Pack

Ring Toss and Dominoes Bundle Pack

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BUNDLE PACK - Ring Toss and Dominoes

Ring Toss

Wooden Garden Quoits Ring Toss is the awesome outdoor game the whole family can enjoy! 

  • Each rope ring is weighted to make it fly through the air and land on the hook. 
  • The wooden frame is easy to set up and assemble for hours of family fun. 
  • Each Wooden Garden Quoits Ring Toss Game Set includes:
  • Snap Together Frame Set 
  • Five Push in Pegs
  • Five Weighted Quoits 

Recommended age 3+ years

Giant Dominoes

Traditional Dominoes is double the fun with this GIANT Dominoes Set! 
Set up rows of Giant Dominoes in the backyard or in your living room and watch them tumble over after each other.  

  • Play the traditional dominoes game in teams or play one-on-one. 
  • Fantastic outdoor, summer, fun game for the whole family! 
  • Size of each Giant Domino: 18 x 10 x 2 cm; Made of EVA Foam
  • Awesome game for young kids learning to connect numbers together. 
  • Easy to grip and hold in contrast to the smaller classic size. 
  • Create wild patterns and knock them over with this super fun sized Giant Dominoes set. 

Recommended age 3+ years

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