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  9. Calvin Klein Defy EDP 50ml
Calvin Klein Defy EDP 50ml
Calvin Klein Defy EDP 50ml
Calvin Klein Defy EDP 50ml
Calvin Klein Defy EDP 50ml
Calvin Klein Defy EDP 50ml
Calvin Klein Defy EDP 50ml

Calvin Klein Defy EDP 50ml

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Description and specs


Fresh. Courageous. Seductive. Calvin Klein Defy Eau de Parfum is a provocative new Calvin Klein perfume for the daring modern man. 

Defiant of boundaries and expectations, the premium CK scent builds upon the original signature woody base with an unexpected darker, warmer twist. Opening with crisp top notes of mandarin oil and black pepper, this Calvin Klein scent has an irresistible fresh burst. 


Addictive and intense, the heart of velvety smooth leather accord offers a deep contrast to the freshness of the top notes, incorporating saffiano and rich suede in a new, rugged way. The base of vetiver oil responsibly sourced from Haiti anchors the vigor of this citrus perfume, adding strength, naturality and purpose to the aroma with a lasting masculine signature. 


Encapsulating the very essence of the Calvin Klein man, this uniquely rich Calvin Klein scent is housed in a unique bottle evoking denim and the iconic codes of Calvin Klein's iconic minimalism. The opposing straight corners and round curves of the silhouette pair to represent both sides of this defiant and confident man, vulnerability and courage, dueling components that join to tell a complex story. 



  • fragrance family: woody
  • fragrance sub-family: leathery
  • top notes: mandarin oil
  • heart notes: leather accord
  • base notes: vetiver
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