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  9. Wilson EZYCAST Top and Bottom Pocket Mono Cast Net with 1 Inch Mesh Size

Wilson EZYCAST Top and Bottom Pocket Mono Cast Net with 1 Inch Mesh Size

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The Wilson Ezy-Cast Top Pocket prawning net is brilliantly designed to give you great results. Designed with the highest grade ropes and swivels, the Ezy-Cast Top Pocket prawning net is constructed with a 1" mesh, the most popular mesh size for prawning. It is a dedicated prawning net with an oversized top pocket, however a bottom pocket has been included to allow extra prawns to be caught as well as providing a bait gathering option if you only want to buy one net for multiple purposes. The use of lead on the bottom gives this net an easy casting function and the lead weights are double roped onto the net. This means the weights are secured in the one place making it impossible for them to move providing better casts and a durability unsees in single roped nets. Available in a 9', 10' and 12' drop that meets current regulations, the Ezy-Cast Top Pocket prawning nets will give you options, strength and reliability in one package.   Description Weight Drop Wilson Ezy-Cast Top Pocket 1" Mesh 9' 5.6kg 9' Wilson Ezy-Cast Top Pocket 1" Mesh10' 6.1kg 10' Wilson Ezy-Cast Top Pocket 1" Mesh 12' 8.1kg 12'   Australian fishing regulations are detailed, vary between states and are updated regularly. To avoid breaking the law, please check and follow your state or territory's fishing regulations. Please be aware that while we make every effort to offer appropriate product, the availablity of this product does not guarantee the legality of it's use in your state of territory.
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