Surecatch Collapsible Floating Wire Keeper Net With Float

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COLLAPSIBLE WIRE KEEPER NET with Float Anglers will find the Wire Keeper Basket the best way to keep their fish alive and well. Featuring a 180mm, spring loaded floating trapdoor at the top for easy access whilst still keeping the net floating. The keeper net is of robust construction with the mesh and ring frames made from metal. Another spring loaded hatch is located at the bottom of net also allowing easy access to the bottom of the net. Can also be used to store live bait. Brand New in Original Condition Robust Metal Construction Spring loaded trapdoor top and bottom Floating Ballast in top of net Diameter of storage area at largest point - 350mm (approx) Height of storage area - 340mm (approx) Please note colour of float and wire netting may vary - you will be sent a random colour
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