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  9. 4.5cm Storm Gomoku Bottom/Stiletto Hard Body Fishing Lure - Blue Gill
4.5cm Storm Gomoku Bottom/Stiletto Hard Body Fishing Lure - Blue Gill

4.5cm Storm Gomoku Bottom/Stiletto Hard Body Fishing Lure - Blue Gill

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Description and specs

4.5cm Storm Gomoku Bottom/Stiletto Lure

The Storm Gomoku Bottom is a prawn shaped, finesse sized, sinking, lipless crankbait fishing lure that is designed for midwater, shore bed exploratory action.

The lure comes equipped with a snag free designed, fixed weighted system externally mounted in the front of the lure immediately beneath its head section.

This shifts the Gomoku Bottom’s center of gravity to the front of the lure, which in conjunction with the position of the tow lug (approximately 1 cm from the front of the lure), puts the lure into a natural diving position, with its head down whilst keeping its rear up and its tail treble hook off the bottom to prevent snagging.

This design aspect gives the Gomoku Bottom the ability to be bounced across the shore bed on a lift-crank-drop-pause retrieve pattern, which, more than likely, will draw the attention of sea bed dwellers.

To add to its appeal, the Gomoku Bottom is designed to produce a tight vibration action when lifted/retrieved, in addition to its ability to flutter on a drop. More often than not, the oscillation from vibration to flutter, will entice such sea bed dwellers to take a peck at the lure.

As a finesse sinking lipless crankbait, the Storm Gomoku Bottom is well suited for the light game finesse angler seeking reactive midwater action.

  • Designed to be bounced on the bottom or fished through the water column
  • Perfect resting position with the tail up
  • Tight vibrating swimming action
  • Darting and flashing action when twitched
  • Flutters on the drop
  • Premium VMC nickel plated hook at the tail
Model Running Depth Body Length Weight GBT45S Variable 4.5 cm 6.5 g
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