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i.play Snap & Go Silicone Food-Catcher Bib 6-18mo

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The Snap & Go® Silicone Food-catcher Bib is a versatile solution for messy eaters. With three snap-on tops that attach to a silicone scoop, it keeps baby clean and dry during meals. The design moves with your child, while the spill-catching scoop prevents food from dropping. Perfect for on-the-go, it rolls up neatly and snaps to store utensils or snacks. After use, it keeps mess contained. Easy to clean, with a convenient hook-and-loop closure. Your new everyday bib! Mess-free on-the-go – This bib rolls up and snaps to hold utensils or snacks, and later keeps both messy items contained. Roll from top to bottom, place items in the pocket, and continue rolling down into the scoop, securing the green sprouts® logo at the front. Interchangeable convenience – Enjoy 3 tops for clean meals anytime. Swap tops easily by unsnapping and attaching to the silicone scoop. Available in boy, girl, and neutral prints. Waterproof protection – Designed to keep mess away during feeding. Food-safe silicone scoop – Wide pocket made from non-petroleum silicone catches spills and rinses easily. Stay-put design – The bib stays in place while baby moves. Soft, dry tops – Gentle material with wicking layer keeps baby comfortable. Simple closure – Hook-&-loop closure for easy wear. Effortless cleaning – Wipe or machine wash tops in cold water. Silicone scoop is dishwasher safe or easy to rinse. Safe materials – Free from azo-dyes, formaldehyde, and PVC. Size: 6-18 mo – Suitable for babies 6-18 months, adaptable based on size. Front length: 6.75”. Pending US and other patents. Materials: Polyester with waterproof coating; Silicone; Polyester trim
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