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Jack Daniel's Pourer, Jigger & Glasses Set

in Stemware sold by GiftBox
Fancy a drink? If you're a fan of the American bourbon, then you'll love this Jack Daniel's Pourer, Jigger & Glasses Set. What does it include? 2x Spirit Glasses (285ml) 1x Pourer 1x Jigger Glass material: Soda-Lime Glass Gift idea everyone will love: The Jack Daniel's Pourer, Jigger & Glasses Set make the perfect gift for any JD fan, partners, family members, and friends. It is also a unique gift choice for Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, weddings, groomsmen, anniversaries, parties, birthdays, housewarmings, and more. Did you know? Did you know that every drop of Jack Daniel's is filtered through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal? This unique charcoal melting process, known as the Lincoln County Process, gives Jack Daniel's its distinct smoothness and flavour. Before being aged in charred oak barrels, the whiskey slowly drips through the charcoal, removing impurities and adding Tennessee character to each batch. So, next time you take a sip of Jack Daniel's, you can appreciate the extra step taken to achieve that signature smooth taste! So, what are you waiting for? Indulge in the magic of Jack Daniel's and let the festivities begin. Get your Jack Daniel's Set today and raise a glass to unforgettable moments and cherished memories! Cheers Additional Information: Care instructions: Wash before use Hand wash only Warning: Not dishwasher safe Not microwave friendly Jack Daniel's Fan? Shop GiftBox's range: {{widget type="Magento/CatalogWidget/Block/Product/ProductsList" template="Magento_PageBuilder::catalog/product/widget/content/carousel.phtml" anchor_text="" id_path="" show_pager="0" products_count="20" condition_option="condition" condition_option_value="" type_name="Catalog Products Carousel" conditions_encoded="^[`1`:^[`type`:`Magento||CatalogWidget||Model||Rule||Condition||Combine`,`aggregator`:`all`,`value`:`1`,`new_child`:``^],`1--1`:^[`type`:`Magento||CatalogWidget||Model||Rule||Condition||Product`,`attribute`:`brand`,`operator`:`^[^]`,`value`:[`324`]^]^]" sort_order="date_newest_top"}}
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