Marvel Age of Heroes
Marvel Age of Heroes
Marvel Age of Heroes
Marvel Age of Heroes

Marvel Age of Heroes

Description and specs

Marvel: Age of Heroes is an epic strategy game in which each player commands a duo of X-Men who are dispatched to defeat villains and complete objectives. Your team will collect resources and power-ups before embarking on dangerous missions in a variety of unique and challenging scenarios.

Rodney Thompson, co-designer of Lords of Waterdeep, weaves the theme and strategy together through a mix of worker mutant placement and resource management. The most effective team will manage their skills, train their mutants, and outpace the competition in the Institute and Mission Phase. Scenarios, asymmetric abilities, new abilities, and scoring conditions all serve to provide uncanny playability!

Players’ heroes are represented by a set of striking full-color acrylic standees. Teams include fan-favorites like Wolverine & Jubilee, Jean Grey & Cyclops, Forge & Storm, and more! Cards and player boards have a gorgeous dreamscape art effect as if a powerful telepath is seeing them through Cerebro.

The Institute Phase: 
Players will send their heroes to action spaces like the Danger Room or the Medical Bay to receive various benefits. Some action spaces on the Institute board let you increase your Physical, Mental, and Willpower tracks, while others let you draw cards, play cards, or change the turn order. Additionally, over the course of the game, Ally cards will come into play, revealing new action possibilities. Instead of performing actions at The Institute, heroes may be sent to the X-Jet to take on the challenges of the Mission phase.   

The Mission Phase: 
This is where players will put their teams to the test! Send your heroes out to the Mission Board or the Extraction Point where you'll use the resources, skills, and powers you’ve accumulated to take on villains directly or to team up with other characters for even more effective strikes! Each scenario presents entirely different challenges, as you take on Sentinels, Magneto, and even Apocalypse! 

Scenarios can alter the composition of the Institute Deck, which creates a rich, thematic storyline. The deck features dozens of iconic X-Men characters and events that are available through a shared market. Players will be jockeying to collect and influence the heroes that are most useful for their strategies. As the board and scenarios evolve, your characters will, as well. Special evolution cards add new abilities and scoring conditions. In addition to unique evolution cards, each team has different starting resources and asymmetric abilities in advanced mode that make for high variety and replay-ability! 



  • 36 Acrylic Hero Pawns 

  • 1 Game Board 

  • 8 Mission Tiles 

  • 34 Villain Tiles 

  • 86 Institute Cards 

  • 60 Evolution Cards 

  • 2 Extraction Zone Tiles 

  • 6 Player Boards 

  • 1 Round Marker 

  • 6 Score Tokens 

  • 15 Villain Tokens 

  • 1 Magneto’s Influence Token 

  • 4 Horsemen Effects Tokens 

  • 30 Resource Tokens 

  • 10 Victory Point Tokens 

  • 5 Score Markers 

  • 15 Resource Markers 

  • 75 Player Markers 

  • 20 Student Pawns 

  • 1 Rulebook 

*Final contents and images subject to change 

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