NEAT Feat Orthotics Diabetic Self-Moulding Insole Large

NEAT Feat Orthotics Diabetic Self-Moulding Insole Large

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Anyone who knows anything about diabetes knows how severely the disease can affect foot health. Keep your feet in tip-top shape with the Neat Feat Wellness Self-Moulding Diabetic Insole. Recommended by medical experts for people with diabetes, arthritis, or skin disorders that require friction-free foot movement, this high-performance insole is just what the doctor ordered.


Platazote Construction: Platazote is widely recommended for people with diabetes, arthritis or any skin disorder that requires your foot to remain friction-free.


Care and Fitting: Insert in shoes.Trim Toe End Of Orthotic To Fit Inside Shoe Take Existing Insole Out Of Shoe And Insert. Wear for a few hours a day until insoles become self-molded and to allow feet to adjust to the correction. Once fully molded and comfortable, begin to wear full time. Clean With A Damp Cloth On A Regular Basis To Maintain Longevity Of Product. Hand wash in warm water and air dry.

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