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  9. Dreamaker Bamboo Terry Cot Waterproof Pillow Protector 2 Pack

Dreamaker Bamboo Terry Cot Waterproof Pillow Protector 2 Pack

Moisture and liquid can reduce the lifespan of your pillow and leave it riddled with stains. With the new Dreamaker’s Bamboo Terry Cot Waterproof Pillow Protector, keep your child’s pillow protected against liquids spills and stains. Made with 150gsm 80% bamboo and 30% polyester, Dreamaker’s Bamboo Terry Cot Pillow Protector is exceptionally soft and absorbent. You can worry less about making your young ones uncomfortable, and they, in turn, enjoy a blissful night’s sleep. Made with 100% terry towelling bamboo thread and a bamboo terry pile, Dreamaker’s Bamboo Terry pillow protector waterproof provides your young ones with nothing but comfort.  With Dreamaker’s Bamboo Terry pillow protector, overheating is not a problem as natural bamboo helps to regulate temperature and wicks away moisture, creating a cool and comfortable sleep space for your young ones.   FEATURES Laminated Polyurethane Backing Premium 150GSM Bamboo Exceptionally Soft and Absorbent  Sew Inside flap Improved breathability and Air Circulation   COLOUR White   SIZE 40*60+15cm   MATERIAL 80% Bamboo  Waterproof Polyurethane   CARE INSTRUCTIONS Hand Wash or Gentle Machine Wash Do Not Bleach Do Not Iron Do Not Use Solvents to Clean Do Not Dry Clean Line Dry in Shade   Made in China
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