5D Premium Glass Screen Protector for Samsung S22, S22 Plus, S22 Ultra

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Protect your Samsung S22, S22 Plus, or S22 Ultra with this 5D Premium Glass Screen Protector. Crafted from tempered glass, this screen protector provides superior protection while preserving the look and feel of your phone's original display. Enjoy 99.99% clarity, unmatched sensitivity, and improved impact resistance with this essential accessory. This tempered glass screen protector features a 5D curved profile for a close fitting seamless edge to keep out dust while still allowing for fitting of a bumper cases such as Tech 21, Spigen SGP etc.  Suits: Samsung S22, S22 Plus. S22 Ultra- select your screen from the drop down menu. Key Features:  Made From Optical Grade Tempered Glass, Attaches Smoothly and Self-Adhering Surface For Easy Installation. Ultra thin: 0.2 mm thin tempered glass screen Anti-Scratch 9H hardness Oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and other contaminants. Explosion-proof: uses automotive tempered glass technology that prevents the glass from shattering when facing heavy impact. HD optical transmittance: Realistic picture and more than 99% transparency Real Touch Sensitivity for a natural feel that provides flawless touch screen accuracy. Pre-cut to fit your screen exactly. Notes:Due to the curvature on the edge of the Galaxy screen, this screen protector has been designed to be a bit smaller and fit perfectly onto the flat surface of the screen. Please align the screen protector centrally when applying. Packing includes: 1 x For iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector 1 x Dry Wipe for installation preparation 1 x Alcohol Wipe for installation preparation
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