Clicktronic Optical Toslink Opto Cable - 7.5m

Clicktronic Optical Toslink Opto Cable - 7.5m

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Clicktronic Optical Toslink Opto Cable - 7.5m

Clicktronic attaches great importance to durability and stability. High-quality, gold-plated contacts transmit stereo signals with maximum sound quality for a perfect sound experience. The built-in polymer fiber optic cables are even more resistant than fiber optic cables and can still be optimally bent and laid. The brand's own, robust construction of our audio cables thus ensures long-lasting home entertainment. The three-part plug structure made of PVC and ABS components compensates for jerky pulling on the cable, which means it is ideally protected against cable breaks.


  • Opto cable with Toslink plug to Toslink plug
  • Transmits digital stereo signals in maximum quality - ideal for audio transmission between stereo systems, audio amplifiers, home cinema, subwoofers, TV sets, hi-fi systems, Blu-Ray players, PlayStation, XBOX one.
  • Optical cable with polymer fiber optics with very high light output for excellent sound transmission in perfect digital audio quality
  • Can be used with many mobile devices, notebooks and game consoles thanks to the included 3.5 mm adapter.
  • Due to the transmission of digital and optical signals, the fiber optic cable is insensitive to sources of electromagnetic interference and therefore does not need any shielding.
  • Optical audio cable with custom-fit PVC/ABS connectors for a perfect connection
  • Robust, highly elastic PVC cable sheathing guarantees durability
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