Clicktronic  RCA AUX Cable - 0.5m

Clicktronic RCA AUX Cable - 0.5m

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Clicktronic RCA AUX Cable - 0.5m

Clicktronic attaches great importance to durability and stability. High-quality, gold-plated contacts and pure copper conductors transmit stereo signals with maximum sound quality for a perfect sound experience. The brand's own, robust construction of our audio cables thus ensures long-lasting home entertainment. The three-part plug structure made of PVC and ABS components compensates for jerky pulling on the cable, which means it is ideally protected against cable breaks.


  • Mono audio cable with 1x cinch RCA plug to 1x cinch RCA plug
  • Cinch cable transmits audio signals with first-class sound in clear sound quality
  • Can be used universally, e.g. B. for home cinema systems, televisions (TV sets), loudspeakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, hi-fi systems, DVD players, BluRay, games consoles and DJ mixers
  • 24-carat gold-plated, rust-free cinch plugs for minimal transmission resistance and crystal-clear sound
  • Coaxial cable made from 99.9% oxygen-free copper conductors ensures optimum transmission speed
  • Flexible, robust PVC cable jacket allows for easy bending and routing of the connection cable
  • Clicktronic audio cable with double shielding made of aluminum foil and braided copper for brilliant signal quality
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