Clicktronic HDMI DVI-D (24+1) Cable - 5m

Clicktronic HDMI DVI-D (24+1) Cable - 5m

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Clicktronic HDMI DVI-D (24+1) Cable - 5m

Clicktronic attaches great importance to durability and stability. The proprietary construction of our connection cables makes them extremely robust. The three-part plug structure made of PVC and ABS components compensates for jerky pulling on the cable, which means it is ideally protected against cable breaks. High-quality, gold-plated contacts and pure copper conductors transmit digital signals of the highest quality. The screwable attachment to the DVI-D connector ensures a secure hold and optimal transmission even with mobile monitors. The DVI-D to HDMI(TM) adapter cable enables a razor-sharp picture and has a fast transmission speed.


  • DVI-D Dual-Link (24+1 pin) male to HDMI male
  • DVI-D to HDMI(TM) cable is ideal for connecting monitors to entertainment media such as a gaming PC, game console or Blu-ray player
  • Transmits digital audio and video signals in both directions, e.g. B. from gaming PC to monitor
  • UHD signal transmission with WQXGA @ 60 Hz (1600p) and Full HD @ 60 Hz (1080p)
  • HDMI(TM) connection cable with a maximum transfer rate of up to 4.95 Gbit/s
  • 24-carat gold-plated HDMI(TM) connectors and advanced technology guarantee impeccable signal quality with no delays in image transmission for an optimal entertainment experience
  • Double shielding and inner conductor made from 99.9% oxygen-free copper for crystal-clear sound and razor-sharp video and image quality
  • Flexible anti-kink protection and robust PVC cable sheathing allow the connection cable to be bent without damage
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