Goobay Professional Solder Lead-Free - 1.0 mm

Goobay Professional Solder Lead-Free - 1.0 mm

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Description and specs

Goobay Professional Solder Lead-Free o 1.0 mm

content: 0.3 % silver, 0.7 % copper, 96.5 % tin, content of flux core: 2,5 %, melting point 217o C

Designed for DIY electrical work, repairing wires, cables, televisions, radios, toys, headphones, electric guitars, XLR microphones, laptops, circuit boards, motherboards and other electronic equipment.


  • Due to the silver content of 0.3 %, the lead-free solder achieves an increased electrical conductivity.
  • No-Clean Flux: Residue-free flux which is increasingly used in electronics manufacturing.
  • No cleaning of the solder joints after soldering necessary
  • Produces little smoke during the soldering process and is free of any halogens.

  • Diameter: 1 mm
  • Weight: 250 g
  • Consumption Unit: 1 pc. bulk
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