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ProMaster Light Stand Reflector Holder

The technical details behind this holder Conveniently hold your equipment or accessories with the ProMaster Light Stand Reflector Holder. This holder features a built-in spring clip that can accommodate up to 16.25mm. It is designed to hold accessories, such as a pop-up reflector. It features a 5/8" receiver for mounting. This holder weighs 57 grams. Key Features 5/8" receiver Integrated spring clip Can accommodate up to 16.25mm Works with pop-up reflectors Top three reasons we think you will love this holder Reliable Easy to install Good quality
Delivery and returns
Flat Rate $9.95 for delivery. Estimated shipping times: NSW (1-2 days), VIC (2-3 days), QLD (2-3 days), SA (3-4 days), WA & NT (4-6+ days), TAS (4 days)

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