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ProMaster Basis BCL33B Connect LED Light

The technical details behind this LED Light ProMaster Basis BCL33B Connect LED Light features a Bi-color design that easily changes the warmth and coolness of the light. It is an extremely portable and lightweight LED light that easily connects other accessories to an image capture device. Use the built-in cold foot to quickly mount the light to a camera. A standard 1/4"-20 threaded port delivers another mounting option with a tripod, light stand, flex arm, and more. Charging the internal battery is easy. Use the included USB-C cable and a standard USB-A port in your office, car, or home to re-charge the light's internal battery. Key features 3 cold shoes for connecting other accessories USB-C charging Portable and Lightweight Top three Reasons we think you will love this LED Light Highly Portable Easy to Use Amazing Value for money Our experts opinion ProMaster Basis BCL33B Connect LED Light is easy to take anywhere you go. All thanks to its 3 cold shoes, the ProMaster Basis BCL33B becomes an important junction for connecting other important accessories. The controls for this light are quite intuitive. Two dials are used to turn the light on and off, change the intensity, and adjust the color temperature of the light.
Delivery and returns
Flat Rate $9.95 for delivery. Estimated shipping times: NSW (1-2 days), VIC (2-3 days), QLD (2-3 days), SA (3-4 days), WA & NT (4-6+ days), TAS (4 days)

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