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ProMaster Optic Clean 1oz

ProMaster Optic Clean 1oz

Description and specs
The technical details behind this cleaning solution Easily clean your optical devices with the ProMaster Optic Clean 1oz. This cleaning solution is specially formulated to work even on delicate optical surfaces. It easily removes grease marks and smudges, as well as fingerprints. This bottle contains 1oz of cleaning solution. Key Features Removes fingerprints, smudges, and grease marks with ease Specially formulated cleaning solution Works with delicate optical surfaces 1 ounce Top three reasons we think you will love this cleaning solution Handy Compact Portable
Delivery and returns
Flat Rate $9.95 for delivery. Estimated shipping times: NSW (1-2 days), VIC (2-3 days), QLD (2-3 days), SA (3-4 days), WA & NT (4-6+ days), TAS (4 days)

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