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ProMaster Backdrop Bungee

ProMaster Backdrop Bungee

Description and specs
The technical details behind this bungees Make your projects standout with a wrinkle-free backdrop. These backdrop bungee clips help to straighten the backdrop, creating a shadow-free backdrop area. It clips the backdrop onto the background stand. It can also function as a support for hanging a backdrop. Key Features For wrinkle-free backdrop Clips backdrop to bungee Results in better images Prevents shadow areas Top three reasons we think you will love this bungees Easy to use Convenient to work with Portable
Delivery and returns
Flat Rate $9.95 for delivery. Estimated shipping times: NSW (1-2 days), VIC (2-3 days), QLD (2-3 days), SA (3-4 days), WA & NT (4-6+ days), TAS (4 days)

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