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Switcheasy Triocharge Portable 3-in-1 15W Fast Charger

Save $20.00
Details Powering up your devices will be seamless and user-friendly with Triocharge. This three-in-one charger is meticulously engineered to cater to all your charging requirements while maintaining a compact and highly portable design. By harnessing our intelligent charging technology, this charger excels at automatically discerning and delivering the ideal power output for your device, guaranteeing both safety and efficiency with every charge. The ultimate aim is to streamline your life, transforming the process of charging into a fuss-free endeavor, whether you find yourself at home or on the move. Features Three-in-one charging meets multiple charging needs. Foldable and portable, easy to charge anytime, anywhere. Intelligent charging input provides stable and safe charging protection. Fast charging automatically detects and matches the required power. Safe and Reliable Multiple protection features to keep you and your devices safe. Specs Input 5V⎓2A;9V⎓2A;12V⎓2A Cell Phone Output 15W(MAX)5W/7.5W/10W/15W Watch Output 2.5W Ear Phone Output 5W Product Dimensions 304 x 82 x 11mm (open) 81 x 82 x 30mm (close) Product Weight 138g Three-in-one charging Foldable and portable 15W Fast charging
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