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Climate Control All Seasons Quilt

Climate Control All Seasons Quilt

Save $20.00
Sleep cool and comfortably or warm and cosily with this Australian made Tontine Climate Control All Seasons Quilt featuring temperature regulating material on one side, and luxuriously soft cotton on the other. This quilt has been filled with Tontine’s comfortable and long wearing Ultrafibre® filling that has been treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and dust mites, making it ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. Description One side of this pillow’s cotton cover features phase change material (PCM) which is made up of thousands of micro beads which are invisible to the naked eye but absorb and release body heat as and when you need it. The other side of the cover is also made of natural cotton but hasn’t been treated with PCM so can be used in winter or at times when you don’t need the benefits of the climate control. This quality quilt features: Natural Cotton Cover for breathability Tontine Ultrafibre® filling for long wear comfort and support Anti-microbial treatment to inhibit the growth of mould, bacteria & dust mites Phase Change Material (PCM) technology which absorbs & releases body heat Machine Washable Made in Australia Product Code T8348-49
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